Who do you look like?

To Walk in Oneness is to live out the very image you are created in. Does an apple strive to be an apple? No, it is what it is! In the same way we are what we are. We are children of the Most High God who need to embrace the fact that we are royalty made in the nature and fibre of our Father in Heaven. To receive Christ is to become a saint not a sinner (Eph1:1)We are partakers of our Father’s divine nature (2Pet 1:4).

When we are deceived into believing lies about who we are; we begin to manifest behaviours that are heart breaking for our Father in Heaven. Before I gained this revelation, I looked to “man” in frustration for approval, to feel good about myself, for intimacy. I became more and more frustrated. No man is able to give this, even if they tried. Their efforts will never last but will fail to gratify the depth, that your soul longs for.

The approval of man only last until your next mistake. God’s approval is eternal despite our folly. Let us not allow the enemy to trap us in deception by calling us what we are not. Only what we believe of ourselves we will manifest;(Proverbs 23:7)because “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” Everything in life has a price. Whatever you believe you are worth is how you will live your life. When you know how priceless you are to God then living out the very image you were created in, is inevitable. Do not settle for less, by selling yourself short. #Walkinoneness TODAY by pursuing our Father who knows us deeply and more intimately than any other person can; by seeing yourself through His eyes!

Christine Nelson

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3 Responses to Who do you look like?

  1. saunsea says:

    Excellent post. I would go into explaining how I see God, but that would be quite lengthy. I have written a bit about my coming to the realization of “God is Love” here (http://saunsea.wordpress.com/2013/05/18/why-freedom-is-the-key-to-enable-love/) and I would be honored to hear your thoughts.

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