Contend for your faith

I am delighted to share with you my new book CONTEND FOR YOUR FAITH-Oneness discerns truth. A book that carries the mantle of David, empowering readers with an overcomers anointing flowing from every page. This book holds the PROPHETIC WORD IN SEASON FOR THE BODY OF CHRIST. It will ignite the spirit of intercession and release the Will and Purposes of God in this hour.


CONTEND FOR YOUR FAITH is a plea from the heart of the Father for His people to deepen their convictions, earnestly rise up in courage and begin to contend. This book unveils the foundational truth of our faith whilst exposing the lies that keep us bound. Contend for Your Faith is an end time book that seeks to challenge societal norms, doctrinal interpretation, religious mindsets that seek to prevent us from walking in the authority and taking dominion as we seek to fulfill God’s original intention for our lives. In the beginning, Adam had so much dominion and authority over the earth that he named all the animals, and even today these names still stand. This gives us a small peak of the power of our words and how we can either co-create with Christ or co-create with the enemy.
This book is not for those who feel they know it all, it is not for those who feel they have arrived, nor is it for those who love their lives unto death. Quite the contrary this book is for those who no longer want to walk in powerlessness, who are not seeing the promises of God come to pass in their lives and want more. Those who know they carry empty titles without the authority that comes through true identity. This book is for those who are DISCERNERS OF HIS TRUTH THROUGH A RELATIONSHIP OF ONENESS OF HEART AND SPIRIT.
This book will help to deliver you from fear while helping you to discern true messengers from false messengers, be it an angel or a demon, prophet or a psychic, anti-christ or Christ. It will open you up to revelatory truth to move from the earthly realm to the heavenly realm, church age to kingdom age, from natural to supernatural. Are you ready to EARNESTLY CONTEND FOR YOUR FAITH?

See amazon kindle for your copy CONTEND FOR YOUR FAITH BY CHRISTINE NELSON

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